A group B organization under USA Judo




The mission is to perpetuate information, education, research, development and enhancement of Judo in the State of North Carolina and to provide progressive programs for all interested people, regardless of organizational affiliation, race, religion, sex or national origin.



1.   The President - shall preside at all meetings of this organization and shall perform such other duties and functions as set forth in the By-Laws, duties established by the Board of Directors, including committee appointments. The President shall represent the NCJI membership at the USA Judo annual and semiannual meetings. The President may select another NCJI member, preferable from the Board of Directors (BOD), to attend the USA Judo meetings if necessary.


2.   The First Vice-President - in the absence of the President, shall assume the duties of the President.


3.   The Secretary/Treasurer - shall keep records of all meetings of the organization, and perform such other duties and functions as shall be established by the Board. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the organization, receive all money, dues, fees and the like, and pay all bills or other payments approved in accordance to the By-Laws, or BOD.  


A.   The Secretary/ Treasurer shall preserve all proper vouchers for such disbursements, and shall submit a financial report at each meeting of the organization which shall be checked and approved by one of the directors.


B.   At the Election meeting, the Secretary /Treasurer shall submit a detailed report audited by a recognized auditor or a committee appointed by the President.


C.   The Secretary /Treasurer shall exhibit a true and complete statement of the cash account, securities and other funds in his/her possession, at the Election meeting of the membership and Board of Directors or at any time as requested by the majority of the BOD. 



D.              The Secretary /Treasurer shall keep available normal operating funds in a checking account for normal day to day activity. The major fund account shall be maintained in a professional manner by a bank or investment company. These funds are subject to withdrawal only with the approval of the majority of the Board.


E.              The President or Secretary/Treasurer can authorize a check up to and including the amount of $200 without BOD approval from the operating checking account. Expenditures not approved previously by the Board of Directors shall be reported in detailed to the Directors at their next meeting. Any individual who incurs a debt in the name of the corporation without following the procedure shall be held personally liable for his actions unless they are subsequently approved by the Board of Directors.


4.   Chairperson, Board of Examiners shall direct and review all senior promotions, select a Board of Examiners who are of suitable NCJI/USA judo rank and are current members in good standing of NCJI and USA Judo. The Chairperson shall determine NCJI rank criteria not outlined by USA Judo for senior Kyu and Dan ranks, assure promotion procedure compliance by member clubs and instructors. In addition the Chairperson shall develop testing procedures for Kyu and Dan ranks for use when the Board determines that the candidate must be tested.  The Chairperson must commit to reviewing promotions, establishing testing procedures and holding promotion tests when necessary. The Chairperson shall provide NCJI certificates for Kyu grade promotions when the appropriate criteria are met. The Chairperson shall issue a NCJI certificate for Dan promotions and coordinate the issuance of a USA Judo certificate after assuring that appropriate criteria has been met. The Board of Examiners shall assist the Chairperson in maters required and adhere to procedures as directed by the Chairperson.


5.   Registration Chairperson is responsible for notifying clubs of the yearly registration and issuing certificates indicating registration compliance. The Chairperson is charged with the responsibility of contacting non member clubs and their members in an effort to grow our organization. The Registration Chairperson shall assist with club memberships and individual memberships when requested by club instructors.



1.              The Election meeting of the organization shall convene in January during even numbered years and at a time and place designated by the President, by written notice, telephone or electronic mail, at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting date. At this meeting the Board of Directors are elected and By-laws may be updated.


The annual NCJI championship will be held by a NCJI club that is a current member of USA Judo and NCJI, has a certified and current USA Judo coach as the primary instructor and has the appropriate number of NCJI members. The annual NCJI championship tournament is required to receive a sanction by USA judo and meet all other requirements as required by the sanctioning organization. The assignment of the NCJI Championships will be made by the BOD at the Election meeting and made for the necessary years up to the following Election meeting. Clubs may, at the Election meeting, indicate their interest in hosting the Championships. Should a club be selected and then cannot fulfill the commitment the BOD will reassign the Championships as soon as possible after receiving notification from the club declining. A member of the BOD will approve the venue for the NCJI Championships, awards, manner of elimination pools, and the mat and safety of the tournament site.


2.   Special meetings of the Executive Board may be held at the call of the President, vice-president, or upon the request of  a BOD member and  may be by telephone or email, matters to be discussed shall be limited to those that the Board considers pertinent and not to be delayed until the Election meeting of the NCJI.



3.   All meetings shall be governed by a written agenda, which shall be included with the written notice of such meeting. Business to be covered shall be presented and voted in the same manner as outlined in the written agenda; however, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution or By-Laws additions to or deletions from the agenda may be made after the meeting has been convened and before any business on the agenda has been taken up.


4.   A quorum shall consist of 60% of the registered senior NCJI/USA black belt members. The quorum must meet the criteria of a voting member as determined by these By-laws. Proxy votes are not permitted.


5.   Election of officers shall be held at the Election meeting of the organization in even numbered calendar years.


6.   Voting Member, shall be a senior Black belt with the minimum rank of Sho-dan, a current USA Judo and NCJI member, eighteen (18) years or older and one who has been active in NC judo for the last five years and one who actively and physically resides in the state of NC.



     A member in good standing as used in these By-Laws shall be defined as any person holding current dues-paid NCJI and USA Judo membership but has not reached the Judo proficiency level of Sho-dan and also does not meet the other requirements of a Voting Member.


The Board of Directors by majority vote will determine the eligibility of a voting member should the privilege of voting be in dispute.


7.   Vacancies on the Board of Directors during any term shall be filled by appointment for the remainder of such term by the President and approved by majority vote of all remaining Board members.


8.   Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all matters outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws for all meetings of the organization. The BOD by majority vote may amend a Rule of Order in the best interests of the NCJI.


9.   NCJI State Championships shall be hosted annually by an NCJI member club. In January of each year, a drawing will be held between those member clubs desiring to host the championships that year. The club that hosts the championships one year will be ineligible to host the championships the following year. In order to be awarded the hosting of the championships, the perspective hosting club must agree to set aside a portion of the entry fee, the exact amount to be decided by the NCJI BOD, per each competitor entering the championships to be given to the NCJI competitor’s fund. Additionally, the NCJI BOD will provide guidelines for the tournament that must be agreed to and followed by the hosting club.




1.   The standing committees of this organization shall be the Referee Certification Committee and the Technical Table Committee.


2.   The standing committee members shall be selected by the Board.


3.   The person presiding over the standing committee shall be designated by the Committee Chairperson who shall be appointed by the President.

4.              All members of the standing committee must be members in good standing with the NCJI.


5.              The membership of the standing committee may be increased or decreased by the Board of Directors.


6.              The Board shall have the right to replace or remove a member(s) of any standing committee if the Board feels it will benefit the functioning of the committee and if the member is advised in writing of the removal.





The Referee Certification Committee shall:


1.   Develop a program to improve the standards of refereeing in North Carolina.


2.   Develop forms, examinations and procedures for the examination and certification of officials (referees, judges, timers, etc,) up to the State Level.


3.   Certify as officials those who qualify to officiate or participate.


4.   Provide training and/or refresher courses for all certified officials and candidates for examination.


5.   Conduct meetings open to the members and the Board of Directors of NCJI Inc. unless such closure is approved, in advance, by the President. 


6.   Perform other such duties and functions as may be assigned by the President of NCJI.


7.   Consist of a chairperson, who is a national level certified referee or higher, and four (4) other members to serve for a period to coincide with the election period of the officers of NCJI.


8.   Referee Attire; formal referee attire is recommended to be worn at all times unless designated by Chief referee before or at the tournament. The Chairperson of the Referee Certification Committee shall determine the dress of the referees however consideration should be given to the formal referee attire at the NCJI Championships.




1.   To create a pool of interested people wishing to participate in the technical aspect of Judo.

2.   The Technical Table Committee shall train interested individuals in all aspects of time keeping, recognizing referee hand signals, stop watch procedure, competitor pool construction, and scoring.  There shall be on the job training as needed during any Judo event.



3.   A list of trained Technical individuals may be recorded and kept with the Technical Table Committee.





1.              Membership in this organization shall be open to all judoka or any other person interested in Judo who resides within the State of North Carolina and is a member in good standing of NCJI/USA Judo.


2.              Club Membership: Affiliation by a Judo club requires 5 currently registered NCJI/USA judo members and a certified USA Judo Coach. Membership fees may be adjusted with a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Registration Chairperson and or Secretary Treasure will notify NCJI clubs of the current fees for all activities and membership.

NCJI club members from an affiliated club are the only members that will be considered for financial support by the NCJI.


USA judo currently allows club membership without actual members; clubs choosing that membership do not enjoy financial NCJI support.


3.              Payment of Fees: All fees are payable upon application for membership.


4.              Payment of Fees - Method:  All fees shall be paid to the Secretary Treasurer and recorded by same, and deposited for the activities of this organization under the direction and supervision of the Board of Directors. Exception: The Secretary Treasurer shall periodically pay the nationally prescribed USA Judo annual dues and shall transmit whatever additional information is required in conjunction with such payments.



1.   NCJI funds may be used in any manner prescribed by the Board of Directors and the NCJI by laws. Fund use may also be used for the following:


A.   Stationary, stamps and administrative costs; Membership cards and certificates, general secretarial expenses.


C.   In support of an NCJI athlete to attend National or International events including training, funding and eligibility to be determined by the Board of Directors.


D.   To supplement or fund in total the Presidents travel to the USA Judo annual or semiannual meetings, the amount to be decided by the Board of Directors. The President is encouraged to obtain separate funding whenever possible so not to deplete the funding for competitors.


E.   Other funding as determined by the Board of Directors.


2.              If a purchase is over $200 the Secretary/Treasurer or President must be approved by the majority of the Board of Directors. Communication via telephone, electronic mail, or other form of communication to obtain approval before disbursement is made.


3.              Individual NCJI membership fees will be allocated at 80% annually by the Secretary/Treasurer to athletes that are eligible for funding under the NCJI point system. Athletes eligible for funding are only USA Judo with NCJI Judo membership in good standing. Competitors receiving funding must be members of a NCJI registered club. Competitors must have received the necessary competition points as indicated on the NCJI web site. The criteria for points will be reviewed the Board of Directors as necessary and the appropriate changes made as necessary when necessary.


Masters competitors are not eligible for athlete funding.


Financial rewards are allocated by receiving points through NCJI and can only be earned by attending a USA Judo sanctioned event, International Judo Federation sanctioned tournament or another countries National Governing body sanctioned tournament.     



1.   A member of this organization may be suspended, expelled, or subjected to probation for any of the following:


A.   Violation of any of the provisions of the Constitution or By-Laws of this organization.


B.   Knowingly violating any rules or regulations set forth by the Board of Directors or other body of the organization vested with such regulatory authority by the Board of Directors.


C.   Maliciously making false charges against an officer or member.


D.   Willfully violating any felony law of the Country, State or Municipality.


E.   Conduct unbecoming a judoka which brings discredit to the organization or which may tend to subject the organization to such discredit.


F.   Conduct unbecoming a judoka which does not fulfill the true spirit or purpose of the organization or which violates any of the rules governing this organization.


G.   Knowingly making false statements on application for membership or other false representations as to rank or status in the organization.


H.   An elected Board of Director member or any appointed NCJI official who remains inactive may be removed by the majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors by majority vote may appoint a replacement until the next annual meeting.


2.   The authority to hear and vote on issues arising from violations of any of the above mentioned provisions shall be vested in the Board of Directors, who may delegate a hearing body with authority to make decisions on the Board's behalf.


3.   The rules governing the procedures to be followed at all such hearings shall be established and amended by the Board of Directors, provided, however, that all such procedures and amendment thereto shall not be in conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws.


4.   The Board of Directors, voting as body, or the Chairman, may temporarily suspend a member pending a hearing for the violation of any of the aforementioned provisions, provided the alleged charges warrant such immediate action. In all such temporary suspensions, the length of suspensions shall not be for a period of longer than three (3) weeks without benefit of a hearing.


5.   It shall be the right of every member charged with a violation of any of the provisions heretofore mentioned, before such hearing is conducted, to be presented with a copy in writing of the charges at least ten (10) days prior to such hearing.


A.   No member may be disciplined without benefit of a hearing, provided however, that such member may be temporarily suspended from all Judo affiliation with this organization pending such hearing.


6.   Failure of the Board of Directors or its designated hearing body to conduct a hearing on the charges within the stipulated time not occasioned by the actions of the accused shall be deemed dismissal of the charges.


Amendments:  The By-Laws of the NCJI may be amended at the Election meetings by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the general membership in attendance and upon proper notice and scheduling on the agenda of such meeting. An emergency adjustment of these By-laws may be made at any time by the majority vote of the BOD and ratified at the next Election Meeting.


EMERGENCY REORGANIZATION: The by-laws as published herein and by majority agreement of the Board of Directors will stand and be in force until the Election meeting of the NCJI.